JavaScript Bangkok 1.0.0

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February 8th, 2020

At KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre

# Speakers


  • Rajasegar Chandran

    The Art of Crafting Codemods

  • Varayut Lerdkanlayanawat

    A journey of building large-scale reusable web components

  • Chakrit Likitkhajorn

    Applying SOLID principle in JavaScript without Class and Object

  • Tino Thamjarat

    Talking about “Scale”: Takeaways from our attempt on scaling a small system in the Gojek Universe

  • Carlos Rufo

    End-to-end Type-Safe GraphQL Apps


  • Ramón Guijarro

    A love story written in JavaScript

  • Ramón Huidobro

    Just go for it: The story of dance-mat.js

  • Atthaporn Thanongkiatisak

    Poor Man's Patcher: A game modder's adventure through serverless sea without money

  • Sirirat Rungpetcharat

    How I met my superset of JavaScript


  • Younes Jaaidi

    What happens when you cancel an HTTP request?

  • Erin Zimmer

    Adventures with the Event Loop

  • Alon Kiriati

    Building your first malicious chrome extension 😈

  • Chen Hui Jing

    DevTools, the CSS advocate in your browser


  • Yonatan Kra

    Optimization design patterns - from games to web

  • Rujira Aksornsin

    Speed up heavy data visualization with Rust and WebAssembly

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